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Sermon 205

In the battle of Siffin Imam saw Imam al-Hasan proceeding rapidly to fight, then he said:

Hold back this young man on my behalf, lest he causes my ruin, because I am loath to send these two (meaning Hassan and Husain) towards death, lest the descending line of the Prophet (pbuh) is cut away by their death.

Sayyid ar-Radi says: Imam’s words "amliku `anni hadha'l- ghulam" (Hold back this young man on my behalf) represents the highest and the most eloquent form of expression.


Sermon 197

Containing advice given by Ameerul Momineen to his companions. Pledge yourself with prayer and remain steady on it; offer prayer as much as possible and seek nearness through it, because ...

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Sermon 190

Known as "Khutbah al-Qasi`ah" (Sermon of Disparagement). (It comprises disparagement of Satan for his vanity and his refusing to prostrate before Adam and his being the first ...

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Sermon 228

Imam delivered this sermon at Dhiqar on his way to Basrah The Prophet manifested whatever he was commanded and conveyed the messages of his Lord. Consequently, Allah repaired through him ...

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