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Sermon 236

Ameerul Momineen describes herein members of the Prophet's family

They are life for knowledge and death for ignorance. Their forbearance tells you of their knowledge, and their silence of the wisdom of their speaking. They do not go against right nor do they differ about it. They are the pillars of Islam and the asylums of protection. With them right has returned to its position and wrong has left its place and its tongue is severed from its root. They have understood the religion attentively and carefully, not by mere hearsay or from relaters, because the relaters of knowledge are many but ones who understand are few.


Sermon 226

About allegiance to Imam for the Caliphate. A similar sermon has already appeared earlier. You drew out my hand towards you for allegiance but I held it back and you ...

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Sermon 210

O my Allah! Whoever listens to our utterance which is just and which seeks prosperity of religion and worldly life and does not seek mischief, but rejects it after listening, ...

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Sermon 40

When Imam heard the cry of Kharijites that "Verdict is only that of Allah" he said: The sentence is right but what (they think) it means, is wrong. ...

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