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Document 3

It is related Shuraih (Imam’s Qazi at Kufa) purchased a house for eighty Dinars. When it became known to Imam he sent for him and said . “I have come to know you have purchased a house for eighty dinars, and have written a document for it and put witnessing on it.” Shuraih replied, “ Yes Ameerul Momineen, it is so.” Imam cast an angry look and said, “Shuraih, shortly a body (angel of death) will come who will not look at the document, or question about evidence but take you out of it far away and deposit you in your grave quite alone. If you purchased this house from money other than yours or paid the price from unlawful sources, you have incurred loss of this world as well as the next. If you had come to me at the time of purchase, I would have written for you a document on this paper and you would not have liked to purchase the house even for one Dirham, not to speak of more. The document is this:

This is about a purchase made by a humble creature from another creature ready to depart (from this world.) He had purchased a house out of houses of deceit in the area of mortals and place of those liable to perish. This house has four boundaries as follows: The first boundary is contiguous to sources of calamities, the second boundary adjoins the sources of distresses, the third boundary adjoins the deceitful Satan and in this opens the door of this house. This house has been purchased by one who has been waylaid by desires from one who is being driven by death at the price of getting out of the honour of contentment and entering into the humility of want and submissiveness.

If the purchaser encounters some (evil) consequence of this transaction, it is for him who dismantles bodies of monarchs, snatches lives of despots, destroys domains of Pharaohs like Khusros, Caesers, Tubbas and Himyars and all who amass wealth upon wealth, go on increasing it, build high houses and decorate them, collect treasures and preserve them for children, to take to the place of accounting and judgement and position of reward and punishment.

“When the verdict would be passed Those who stood on falsehood would then be the losers. (Quran 40:78).

This document is witnessed by intelligence when it is free from the shackles of desires and away from the adornments of this world.


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