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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 111 to 120

  1. Sahl ibn Hunayf al-Ansari died at Kufah after his return from the battle of Siffin and was very much loved by Imam. On this occasion Ameerul Momineen said: Even if a mountain had loved me, it would have crumbled down.

  2. Whoever loves us, members of the Household (of the Prophet), should be prepared to face destitution.

  3. No wealth is more profitable than wisdom, no loneliness is more estranging than vanity, no wisdom is as good as tact, no honour is like fear from Allah, no companion is like the goodness of moral character, no inheritance is like civility, no guide is like promptitude, no trade is like virtuous acts, no profit is like Divine reward, no self- control is like inaction in time of doubt, no abstention is like that from prohibitions, no knowledge is like thinking, no worship is like the discharge of obligation, no belief is like modesty and endurance, no attainment is like humility, no honour is like knowledge, no power is like forbearance, and no support is more reliable than consultation.

  4. At a time when virtue is in vogue in the world and among people, if a person entertains an evil suspicion about another from whom nothing evil has ever been seen, then he has been unjust. And at a time when vice is in vogue in the world and among people, if a man entertains a good idea about another person he has flung himself in peril.

  5. It was said to Imam: How are you, O' Imam? and he replied: How can he be whom life is driving towards death, whose state of healthiness can change into sickness any moment and who is to be caught (by death) from his place of safety.

  6. There are many people who are given time (by Allah) through good treatment towards them, and many who are deceived because their sinful activities are veiled (by Allah), and many who are enamoured by good talk about themselves. And Allah does not try anyone as seriously as He tries him whom He allows time (to remain sinful).

  7. Two categories of persons will face ruin on account of me: he who loves me with exaggeration, and he who hates me intensely.

  8. To miss an opportunity brings about grief.

  9. The exampleof the world is like a serpent. It is soft to the touch but its inside is full of venom. An ignorant person who has fallen into deceit is attracted towards it but a wise and intelligent man keeps on his guard against it.

  10. Imam was asked about Quraysh, when he replied: As for Banu Makhzum they are the blossoms of Quraysh. It is delightful to talk to their men and marry their women. As for Banu 'Abd Shams, they are farsightedand cautious about all that is hidden from them. As for ourselves (Banu Hashim) we spend whatever we get and are very generous in offering ourselves in death. Consequently, those people are more numerous, more contriving and more ugly while we are more eloquent, well-wishing and handsome.


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