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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 161 to 170

  1. He who acts solely according to his own opinion gets ruined, and he who consults other people shares in their understanding.

  2. He who guards his secrets retains control in his own hands.

  3. Destitution is the greatest death.

  4. He who fulfils the right of a man who does not fulfil his right, (is as though he) worships him.

  5. There should be no obeying anyone against Allah's commands.

  6. No person is to be blamed for delay in (securing) his own right but blame lies on him who takes what he is not entitled to.

  7. Vanity prevents progress.

  8. The Day of Judgement is near and our mutual company is short.

  9. For the man who has eyes the dawn has already appeared.

  10. Abstention from sin is easier than seeking help afterwards.


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