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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 211 to 220

  1. Generosity is the protector of honour; forbearance is the bridle of the fool forgiveness is the levy of success; disregard is punishment of him who betrays; and consultation is chief way of guidance. He who is content with his own opinion faces danger. Endurance braves calamities while impatience is a helper of hardships of the world. The best contentment is to give up desires. Many a slavish mind is subservient to overpowering longings. Capability helps preservation of experience. Love means well-utilized relationship. Do not trust one who is grieved.

  2. A man's vanity for himself is one of the enemies of his intelligence.

  3. Ignore pain otherwise you will never be happy.

  4. The tree whose trunk is soft has thick branches.

  5. Opposition destroys good counsel.

  6. He who achieves position begins to make wrong use of it.

  7. Through change of circumstances the mettle of men is known.

  8. Jealousy by a friend means defect in his love.

  9. Most of the deficiency of intelligence occurs due to the flash of greed.

  10. There is no justice in passing a verdict by relying on probability.


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