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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 301 to 310

  1. Your messenger is the interpreter of your intelligence while your letter is more eloquent in expressing your true self.

  2. The person who is afflicted with hardship is not in greater need of praying than one who has been spared affliction but is not immune from it.

  3. People are the progeny of the world and no one can be blamed for loving the mother.

  4. The destitute is the Messenger of Allah. Whoever denies him denies Allah and whoever gives him gives Allah.

  5. A self- respecting man never commits adultery.

  6. The fixed limit of life is enough to remain watchful.

  7. A man can sleep on the death of his child, but cannot sleep at loss of property.

  8. Mutual affection between fathers creates a relationship between the sons. Relationship is more in need of affection than affection is of relationship.

  9. Be afraid of the ideas of believers, because Allah, the Sublime, has put truth on their tongues.

  10. The belief of a person cannot be regarded as true unless his trust in what is with Allah is more than his trust in what he himself has.


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