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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 431 to 440

  1. Livelihood is of two kinds: the seeker and the sought. Therefore, he who hankers after this world death traces him till it turns him out of it; but he who hankers after the next world, worldly ease itself seeks him till he receives his livelihood from it.

  2. Lovers of Allah are those who look at the inward side of the world while others look at its outward side, they busy themselves with remoter benefits while others busy themselves in immediate benefits. They kill those things which they feared would have killed them, and leave here in this world what they think would leave them. They took amassing of wealth by others as a small matter and regarded it like losing. They are enemies of things others love while love things which others hate. Through them, Quran has been learnt and they have been given knowledge through Quran. With them Quran is staying while they stand by Quran. They do not see any object of hope above what they hope and no object of fear above what they fear.

  3. Remember pleasures will pass away while the consequences will stay.

  4. Try (a man) and you will hate him.

  5. It is not that Allah-, to Whom belongs Might and Majesty, may keep the door of gratitude open for a person and close the door of plenty upon him, or to open the door of prayer to a person and close the door of acceptance upon him, or to open the door of repentanceon a person and close the door of forgiveness upon him.

  6. The most appropriate person for an honourable position is he who descends from the people of honour.

  7. Imam (A.S.) was asked: Which of the two is better; justice or generosity? Imam (A.S.) replied: Justice puts things in their places while generosity takes them out from their directions; justice is the general caretaker while generosity is a particular benefit. Consequently, justice is superior and more distinguished of the two.

  8. People are enemies of what they do not know.

  9. The whole of asceticism is confined between two expressions of the Quran. Allah, the Glorified says: Lest distress you yourselves for what escapes you, and be overjoyous for what He has granted you (Quran, 57:23). Whoever does not grieve over what he misses and does not revel over what comes to him acquires asceticism from both its sides.

  10. What a breaker is sleep for resolutions of the day!


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