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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 441 to 450

  1. Governingpower is the proving ground for people.

  2. No town has greater right on you than the other. The best town for you is that which bears you.

  3. When the news of the death of (Malik) al-Ashtar (may Allah have mercy on him), reached Imam (A.S.) he said: Malik, what a man Malik was! By Allah, if he had been a mountain he would have been a big one (find), and if he had been a stone he would have been hard; no horseman could have reached it and no bird could have flown over it.

  4. A little that lasts is better than much that brings grief.

  5. If a man possesses a revealing quality wait and see his other qualities.

  6. Imam said to Ghalib ibn Sasaah, father of Farazdaq (famous Arabic poet) during a conversation between them: What about the large number of your camels? The man replied: They have been swept away by obligations, O' Imam. Whereupon Imam said: That is the most praiseworthy way of (losing) them.

  7. Whoever trades without knowing the rules of religious law will be involved in usury.

  8. Whoever regards small distresses as big, Allah involves him in big ones.

  9. Whoever maintains his own respect in view, his desires appear light to him.

  10. Whenever a man cuts a joke he separates away a bit from his wit.


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