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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 471 to 480

  1. There is no good in silence over matters involving wisdom just as there is no good in speaking with ignorance.

  2. Imam said in his prayer for seeking rain: O' my Allah, send us rain by submissive clouds not by unruly ones.

  3. It was said to Imam (A.S.) : We wish you had changed your grey hair, O' Imam. Then he said: Dye is a way of adornment while we are in a state of grief.

  4. The fighter in the way of Allah who gets martyred would not get a greater reward than he who remains chaste despite means. It is possible that a chaste person may become one of the angels.

  5. Contentment is a wealth that does not exhaust.

  6. When Imam (A.S.) put Ziyad ibn Abih in place of Abdullah ibn Abbas over Fars (in Persia) and its revenues, he had a long conversation with him in which he prohibited him from advance recovery of revenue. Therein he said: Act on justice and keep aloof from violence and injustice because violence will lead them to forsake their abodes while injustice will prompt them to take up arms.

  7. The worst sin is that which the committer takes lightly.

  8. Allah has not made it obligatory on the, ignorant to learn till He has made it obligatory on the learned to teach.

  9. The worst comrade is he for whom formality has to be observed.

  10. If a believer enrages his brother, it means that he leaves him.


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