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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 81 to 90

  1. The worth of every man is in his, attainments.

  2. I impart to you five things which, if you ride your camels fast in search of them, you will find them worth it. No one of you should repose hope save in his Lord; no one of you should fear anything save his sin; no one should feel ashamed of saying "I do not know" when he is asked a matter which he does not know; no one should feel ashamed of learning a thing that he does not know; and you should practise endurance, because endurance is for belief what the head is for the body, so that just as there is no good in a body without the head there is no good in belief without endurance.

  3. I am below what you express and above what you feel in your heart.

  4. The survivors of the sword are large in number and have a large progeny.

  5. Whoever abandons saying, "I do not know" meets his destruction.

  6. I love the opinion of an old man more than the determination of a young man; (another version) more than the martyrdom of a young man.

  7. I wonder about the man who loses hope despite the possibility of seeking forgiveness.

  8. There were two sources of deliverance from Allah's punishment, one of which has been raised up, while the other is before you. You should therefore adhere to it. The source of deliverance, which has been raised up is the Messenger of Allah (S.A.) while source of deliverance that remains is seeking of forgiveness. Allah, the Glorified, said: And Allah is not to chastise them while you are among them, nor is Allah to chastise them while yet they seek forgiveness. (Quran, 8:33)

  9. If a man behaves properly in matters between himself and Allah, then Allah keeps proper the matters between him and other people; and if a man keeps proper tile affairs of his next life then Allah keeps proper for him the affairs of this world. Whoever is a preacher for himself is protected by Allah.

  10. The perfect jurist of Islam is he who does not let people lose hope from the mercy of Allah, does not make him despondent of Allah's kindnessand does not make him feel safe from Allah's punishment.


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