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The Path of Islam

Allah! Our Creator! All Knower, All Wise!
Master is HE of Earth and Paradise.
No partner, no family, no kith nor kin;
HE is the creator of mankind and jinn.

Muhammad(saw),the Final messenger;
A friend to all, he was no stranger.
The word of Allah, he did proclaim;
A man of courage, honour and fame.

When Gabriel descended, the Quran was revealed;
Muhammad(saw) was shaken, his lips were sealed.
Slowly, he knew why the Quran was sent;
the truth in it and what it meant.

He invited the people, far and near;
to embrace Islam without any fear.
He was mocked by the people and called a liar;
Little did they know, their abode was Hell-fire.

Muhammad (saw) went on, you could never see him cease;
His love for Allah never did decrease.
He fought many battles, took no defeat;
The enemies of Islam were forced to retreat.

The word of Allah spread far and wide;
Muslims took Quran as a sign and a guide.
Islam is our wealth, Quran our treasure;
Our love for Allah, no one can measure.

Asma Sadia


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