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Question: In the Holy Qur'an it is written that God has created everything - God is the Creator of everything (39:62) - and it is also stated that He has created everything is favorable - He Who made best everything which He hath created... (32:7). In this manner a relation has been made between creation and goodness - meaning that everything that is created and existing is good. However, by contrast, reasoning and also some Qur'anic verses clearly state that some actions are evil and ugly? How can this be explained?

Answer: In general, ill manners (evilness) and natural disasters (evils) - earthquakes, floods, etc... - are voids; and from this aspect they do not have fundamental existence (inasmuch as they are evil) to be counted among that which is good. In other words, sickness is void of health, blindness is void of sight, oppression is void of justice, and ugliness is void of beauty. ( Ref :Tafsir Al-Mizan Vol. 1 pg. 101 Author :Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai.)

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Love your friend up to a limit, for it is possible that he may turn into your enemy someday. Hate your enemy up to a limit, for it is possible that he may turn into your friend someday.


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