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Question: Why do most religions reject each other, while most of them are based on the same thing? And why does man need a religion?

Answer: All religious rulings seek to transcend individuals and at the end, preserve the social system; and in short, they are designed to guarantee man's happiness in this world and hereafter. We believe that Islam is the most complete and well-founded religion in the world and that it has successfully addressed the myriad aspects of human life. Islam prohibits any kind of insult to other human beings. Respect for religious rulings and principles is far more important than any kind of respect we might hold for individuals, for by obeying these rules we actually pay respect to Allah and His orders. This reality is beyond debate. Need of religion and the similarity between religions are two distinct and different issues. There are many books that have addressed the question of man's quest for religion: Sharh-i Tajrid (Explaining the Unseen), Haq-ul Yaqin (Reaching Absolute Certainty) by Shebr, Kalam-ul Tayyeb (Immaculate Word), Similarity of religions or debating the existence of a perfect religion that would meet man's needs in a comprehensive and thorough manner are logical undertakings that should be welcomed by wisemen. Qur'an even encourages such debates. (Wa Jadilhom Billati Hay Ahsan).

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Where leniency is unsuitable, harshness is lenience.


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