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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 181 to 190

  1. The result of neglect is shame, while the result of far-sightedness is safety.

  2. There is no advantage in keeping quiet about an issue of wisdom, just as there is no good in speaking out an unintelligent thing.

  3. If there are two different calls then one must be towards misguidance.

  4. I have never entertained doubt about right since I was shown it.

  5. I have neither spoken a lie nor have I been told a lie. I have neither deviated nor have I been made to deviate (others).

  6. He who takes the lead in oppression has to bite his hand (in repentance) tomorrow.

  7. The departure (from this world ) is imminent.

  8. Whoever turned away from right was ruined.

  9. If patience does not give relief to a man impatience kills him.

  10. How strange? Could the caliphate be through the (Prophet's) companionship but not through (his) companionship and (his) kinship?


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