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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 231 to 240

  1. Imam said about Allah's saying: verily, Allah enjoins justice and benevolence . (Quran, 16:90). Here adl means justice and ihsan means favour.

  2. He who gives with his short hand is given by a long hand.

  3. Ameerul Momineen said to his son al-Hasan, peace be upon them both: Do not call out for fighting, but if you are called to it do respond, because the caller to fighting is a rebel and the rebel deserves destruction.

  4. The best traits of women are those which are worst traits of men, namely: vanity, cowardice and miserliness. Thus, since woman is vain, she will not allow anyone access to herself; since she is miserly, she will preserve her own property and the property of her husband; and since she is weak-hearted, she will be frightened with everything that befalls her.

  5. It was said to Ameerul Momineen (pbuh): Describe the wise to us; and he said: The wise is one who places things in their proper positions. Then, he was asked: Describe the ignorant to us; and he said: I have already done so.

  6. By Allah, this world of yours is more lowly in my view than the (left over) bone of a pig in the hand of a leper.

  7. A group of people worshipped Allah out of desire for reward surely, this is the worship of traders. Another group worshipped Allah out of fear, this is the worship of slaves. Still another group worshipped Allah out of gratefulness, this is the worship of free men.

  8. Woman is evil, all in all; and the worst of it is that one cannot do without her.

  9. He who is a sluggard loses his rights and he who believes in the backbiter loses his friend.

  10. One ill-gottenpiece of stone in a house is a guarantee for its ruin.


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