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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 291 to 300

  1. Ameerul Momineen (peace be upon him) said in condoling Ash'ath ibn Qays about (the death of) his son: O' Ash' ath, if you grieve over your son, certainly it is the consequence of the blood relationship; but if you endure, then Allah provides recompense for every affliction. O' Ash'ath, if you endure even then matters will move on as ordained by Allah but in that case you will deserve reward; while if you lose patience, matters will again move as ordained by Allah, but in this case you will be bearing the burden (of sins). 0' Ash'ath, your son (when he lived) gave you happiness while, at the same time, he was a trial and hardship and (when he died) he grieved you while, at the same time, he has proved a source of reward and mercy for you.

  2. Imam (A.S.) said on the grave of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his descendants, at the time of burial: Certainly, endurance is good except about you; fretting is bad except over you; and the affliction about you is great while every other affliction before or after it is small.

  3. Do not associate with a fool because he will beautify his actions before you and long that you too be like him.

  4. Ameerul Momineen (pbuh) was asked about the distance between East and West when he replied: One day's travelling for the sun.

  5. Your friends are three and your enemies are (also) three. Your friends are: your friend, your friend's friend and your enemy 's enemy. And your enemies are: your enemy, your friend's enemy and your enemy's friend.

  6. Ameerul Momineen (pbuh) saw a man busy against his enemy with what was harmful to himself too, so he said: You are like one who pierces a spear through himself in order to kill the person sitting behind him.

  7. How many are the objects of lessons, but how few the taking of lessons.

  8. He who goes too far in quarrelling is a sinner, but if one falls short in it, one is oppressed and it is difficult for a quarreller to fear Allah.

  9. I am not worried by a fault after which I get time to offer prayer in two units (rak 'ah) and beg safety from Allah.

  10. Imam peace be upon him, was asked: How Allah would conduct the accounting of all persons despite their large number. He replied: just as He provides them livelihood despite their large number. Then it was said to him: How will He conduct their accounting without their seeing Him. He replied: just as He provides them livelihood although they do not see Him.


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