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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 321 to 330

  1. Abdullah bin Abbas once advised Imam (A.S.) against his views, so he said: You have only to advise me but then I have to see (what to do); and if I act against your advice you have to follow me.

  2. When Imam (A.S.) returned to Kufa from Siffin he passed by the residences of Shibamites (who belonged to tribe of Shibam) and heard women weeping over those killed in Siffin. At that time a Shibamite, Harb ibn Shurahbil ash-Shibami, who was one of the nobles of those people, came to him, and Imam (A.S.) said to him: Do your women have control over you as regards the weeping that I hear? Do you not refrain them from this crying? Harb began to walk with him while Imam (A.S.) was on horseback, so Imam (A.S.) : Get back because the walking of a man like you with one like me is mischief for the ruler and disgrace for the believer.

  3. Imam (A.S.) passed by the dead bodies of the Kharijites on the day of the battle of Nahrawan and said : Woe unto you! You have been harmed by him who deceived you. He was asked: O' Ameerul Momineen , who deceived them? Then, he replied: Satan, the deceiver, and the inner spirit that leads one to evil deceived them through passions, made it easy for them to get into sins, promised them victory and eventually threw them into the Fire.

  4. Beware of disobeying Allah in solitude, because the witness (of that situation) is also the judge.

  5. When the news of killing of Muhammad bin Abi Bakr reached Imam (A.S.) he said: Our grief over him is as great as their (i.e. the enemy's) joy for it, except that they have lost an enemy and we have lost a friend.

  6. The age up to which Allah accepts any excuse for a human being is sixty years.

  7. He whom sin overpowers is not victorious, and he who secures victory by evil is (in fact) vanquished.

  8. Allah, the Glorified, has fixed the livelihood of the destitute in the wealth of the rich. Consequently, whenever a destitute remains hungry it is because some rich person has denied (him his share). Allah, the Sublime, will question them about it.

  9. Not to be in need of putting forth an excuse is better than putting forth a true excuse.

  10. The least right of Allah on you is that you should not make use of His favours in committing His sins.


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