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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 331 to 340

  1. When the disabled fall short in performing acts of obedience to Allah, the Glorified, it is a good opportunity given by Allah for the intelligent to perform such acts.

  2. The sovereign is the watchman of Allah on earth.

  3. Imam (A.S.) said describing a believer: A believer has a cheerful face, a sorrowful heart, a very broad chest (full of generosity), and a very humble heart. He hates high position and dislikes renown. His grief is long, his courage is far-reaching, his silence is much and, his time is occupied. He is grateful, enduring, buried in his thoughts, sparing in his friendship (with others), of bright demeanour and of soft temperament. He is stronger than stone but humbler than a slave.

  4. If a man happens to see the end of (his) life and his final fate, he will begin hating desires and their deception.

  5. There are two sharers in the property of every person - successors and accidents.

  6. The person who is approached with a request is free until he promises.

  7. He who prays but does not exert effort is like the one who shoots without a bow-string.

  8. Knowledge is of two kinds - that which is absorbed and that which is just heard. The one that is heard does not give benefit unless it is absorbed.

  9. Correctness of decision goes together with power. The one emerges with the other's emergence and disappears when the other disappears.

  10. The beauty of destitution is chastity and the beauty of riches is gratefulness.


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