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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 461 to 470

  1. Backbiting is the tool of the helpless.

  2. Many a man gets into mischief because of being spoken well about.

  3. This world has been created for other than itself and has not been created for itself.

  4. The Banu Umayyah have a fixed period wherein they are having their way. But when differences arise among them then even if the hyena attacks them it will overpower them.

  5. Imam (A.S.) said eulogizing ansar : By Allah, they nurtured Islam with their generous hands and eloquent tongues as a year old calf is nurtured.

  6. The eye is the strap of the rear.

  7. Imam said in one of his speeches: A ruler came into position over them. He remained upright and made them upright till the entire religion put its bosom on the ground.

  8. A severe time will come upon people wherein the rich will seize possessions with their teeth although not commanded to do so. Allah the Glorified, says: Forget not generosity among yourselves (Quran, 2:237). During this time wicked will rise up while virtuous will remain low and purchases will be made from helpless although the Prophet (pbuh) has prohibited purchasing from the helpless.

  9. Two types of persons will fall into ruin over me: The one who loves exaggerates and the other who lays false and baseless blames.

  10. Imam (A.S.) was asked on the Unity of Allah and His justice, when he replied: Unity means that you do not subject Him to the limitations of your imagination and justice means that you do not lay any blame on Him.


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