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Nahjul Balagha Sayings 61 to 70

  1. Woman is a scorpion whose grip is sweet.

  2. If you are met with a greeting, give better greetings in return. If a hand of help is extended to you, do a better favour in return, although the credit would remain with the one who was first.

  3. The interceder is the wing of the seeker.

  4. The people of the world are like travellers who are being carried while they are asleep.

  5. A lack of friends means strangeness.

  6. To miss what one needs is easier than to beg from an inappropriate person.

  7. Do not feel ashamed for giving little. because refusal is smaller than that.

  8. Charity is the adornment of destitution . while gratefulness ( to Allah ) is the adornment of riches.

  9. If what you aim at does not come about then do not worry as to what you were.

  10. You will not find an ignorant person but at one extreme or the other (i.e. a person who neglects or a person who exaggerates).


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