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Saying of Ameerul Momineen AS, Which Require Explanation

Section wherein we have included selections from wonderful saying of Ameerul Momineen, peace be upon him, which require explanation

  1. When the situation is like this, then the head of religion will rise and people will gather around him as pieces of rainless cloud collect during autumn.

  2. He is a versatile speaker.

  3. Quarrels bring about ruin.

  4. When girls reach the stage of (realizing) realities, relations on the father's side are preferable.

  5. Faith produces a "lumazah" in the heart. As faith develops, the "lumazah" also increases.

  6. If a man has a "ad-daynu'z-zanun" (doubtful loan) it is his duty to pay zakat thereon for all the past years when he recovers it.

  7. A tradition of Imam relates that he arranged a force for advancing for jihad and said: i'dhibu (turn away) from women so far as you can.

  8. Like the successful shooter who looks forward to achieving success at his first shot.

  9. When the crisis became red-hot we sought refuge with Messenger of Allah (pbuh), and none of us was closer to the enemy than he himself.


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